Frequently Asked Questions

Most standard oil changes last anywhere from 3,000-5,000 miles on average - depending largely on factors like road conditions, driving style, mileage, number of passengers, etc. Synthetic Oils by industry standard can last up to around 8,000 miles before requiring an oil change. You should use Synthetic Oil in your car or truck if it is recommended by the manufacturer.

Yes! Not all vehicle parts are durable enough to survive the life of the vehicle, and more than just filters and fluids go bad over time and require replacement. Scheduled automotive maintenance is recommended on a schedule to help you prevent unnecessary break-downs and engine damage.


Don't skip over important inspections and service on systems like spark plugs, water pump, or belts and hoses. Each of these parts plays an important role in your car or truck and needs to be well-maintained to keep you on the road.

Bring your vehicle into a trusted repair shop immediately, your brakes need to be inspected. It's possible there could be a foreign object caught in your system, but more than likely you're experiencing calipers and rotors rubbing when you press the pedal.

We're looking for exterior damage such as dents or scratches, damaged/out lights and signals, misaligned seams, the condition of the paint job, and for cracks in the windshield. Are the tires in good condition? And then we get into the engine, suspension, condition of the interior, frame, transmission, brakes, and steering.